What exactly so great about this app: SnapChat?

Have you ever heard of your near person using this picture and video based sharing app? And allows you to send a picture or video or both in which a self-destruct after few seconds of your friend viewing them?

I came up this on my colleagues always using this app and snap it to her close circles. I always wonder her laughing sense that inspired me to use this app and explore what is in it.

What is SnapChat?

Snapchat is an ever growing fun messaging app has the features that you to take a snap and add captions or doodles or lens graphics which will cover the top of the picture and send to your friends. The core feature of snapchat is a "Snap" which you take a picture or video and send to your friends where he/she will watch the picture for up to 10 seconds and then disappear.

This app doesn't allow you to save the picture but has different other methods that you learn by below one by one.

Who owns SnapChat?

This app was introduced in 2011 by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel as a project for one of Spiegel's classes in Stanford. He began under the name of "Picaboo" - which is an idea a user to communicate using images that were explicitly short-lived.

SnapChat evolves a mixture of public content, live events, public networks and music etc. According to the latest study conducted in July 2016, 71% of users surveyed said they preferred app for chat, messaging and imaging services. Celebrities use this app on a daily basis to keep in connect their followers.

Why Should I care SnapChat?

 - 100 Million daily active users
 - 400 Million Snaps per day
 - 8796 shared Snaps ever second
 - 71% of SnapChat users are under age-group 34
 - 70% of active users are women
 - Ireland is the top country among others for Snapchat usage
 - 45% SnapChat users are age between 18-24
 - More than 60% of U.S 13 to 34-year-old smartphone users are SnapChatters
 - 5% of overall selfies shared on social media are from SnapChat
 - 50% of Norway Smartphone users are using Snapchat
 - Top Markets: UK - 46% SnapChat users are from 14% Internet Users; USA - 42% SnapChat users are from 14% Internet Users; Ireland - 42% SnapChat users are from 14% Internet Users; Canada - 47% SnapChat users are from 12% Internet Users; Australia - 40% SnapChat users are from 11% Internet Users.
 - 77% Female college students share selfies on SnapChat
 - 50% Male college students share selfies on SnapChat
 - SnapChat is the 3 most used application after Facebook and Instagram

SnapChat Terms and Phrases:

Here are the most used terms and phrases that you must know before start use the app.

SnapChatters: SnapChat users
Snaps: Snap you to broadcast to followers
Stores: Total number of snaps that you sent and recieved.
Chat: Feature that lets you privately or directly message to your friends
Here: Feature that lets you start a live video chat within a direct message.

How to download SnapChat?

If you are reading this article on your phone either iOS platform or Android based platform, visit an official SnapChat website and download the app.

I am trying to show you here by my mobile is Android-based platform and follow the below steps.

-Once you have downloaded the app from the store, now login window allows you to choose either login or sign up. (Check the gif picture above).

-Click Signup and choose your handle which will represent who you are and what you do. Choose your username as simple and clear to understand by your friends easily.

-Complete all the signing up the process and start your first "Snap" and to send your friends.

Navigation Menus on SnapChat:

A clear understanding of Swipe labyrinth of navigation will help you to avoid too many confusion by using them. Though it has less menu but you each time swipe let you into another screens and availability of many functionalities.

Take a look at the below picture from Responster. The screens usally starts from taking snap, messaging, creating stories and discovering stories from your friends and circle.

Editing your Snaps:

All your functionalities lie on the screen to swipe and understand the snaps. Go ahead the camera button and take your first snap. If you long press then it will take you into record as video.

Now add the caption for your image by touch the black box and type words from your mobile keyboard. You can also replace this caption box anywhere from top to bottom of the picture by drag it.

If you want to take another picture as the current is not good then, click "x" symbol on left top which you to discontinue this taken snap.

You can also colour the texts by clicking on pen tool and choose different colours.

SnapChat Icons:
SnapChat has other icons appear in the interface. These are not emojis but provides an additional information about your snaps.

Snap Sent without Sound

Snap sent with sound

Chat message sent

Your friend opened your snap without sound

Your friend opened your snap with sound

Your Friend opened your snap

Your Friend received or viewed cash

You received snap without a sound

You received snap with a sound

Your snap sent without sound has been viewed

Your snap sent with a sound has beeen viewed 

Your Chat message has been viewed

Your Screenshot snap sent without sound has been viewed

Your Screenshot snap sent with sound has been viewed

Your Screenshot chat message has been viewed

You received a chat message

How to use Lenses in Snapchat?

- Go to the Camera screen in Snapchat.
- Press and hold on a face! Lens options will appear below.
- Swipe left to select the lens you want to use.
- Follow any action prompts that appear, such as "Raise your eyebrows".
- Tap the capture button to take a Snap, or press and hold on the capture button to record a video.

Lenses are supported on most devices with Android 4.3 and above.

Lenses are supported on iPhone 4S, iPod 5th generation, iPad 2nd generation and original iPad Mini devices (and newer).

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